thermo-flex heating pad folded and used as wrap
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Item # 269 The Warm-up Penis Enhancement Heating Pad

Get Maximum Results from your Penis Enlargement Program. Use the Warm-up before your next session to get the very most out of your workout! See Faster Results. No more time-consuming pre-workout baths or messy wet washcloths. The scientifically designed patented Warm-up is the perfect penis heating pad. It is streamlined to contour to the body and tuck easily into underwear or briefs. It is made of soft, comfortable material. The 100% natural filling contains no chemicals or electrical components. When heated in the microwave for about 30-60 seconds, it delivers a long lasting, soothing, penetrating moist heat to the penile tissues and ligaments. The perfect warm-up before stretching, pumping, weight hanging, or jelqing exercises. No penis enlargement program is complete without the Warm-up!

Mailed in plain packaging.

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Latest findings: The natural 100% flax seed moist heat from the warm-up promotes healing and growth. As you break down the tissues over time the cells regenerate and increase in number. The warm-up ensures the maximum cell regeneration and therefore penis growth.

Use as a wrap.....
thermo-flex heating pad used as a pouch
Or as a pouch...
thermo-flex heating pad folded for easy storage
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Fold for easy storage

"Man this thing rocks! thanks so much, it feels great, looks great and works great. I cannot thank you enough any penile program is not complete without this, i hated having to use water and showers and stuff. I love it!"


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